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Humified Compost!
Soil is life. The soil scientist P.A. Yeomans once wrote, "Soil is life, and life may die." Your understanding of the value of compost hinges on understanding this fact. At Susitna Organics we put Nature in fast forward! In a natural ecological system, such as a forest, billions of microorganisms live on decaying plant matter. They are an important part of the food chain that slowly turns organic matter into humus. In the composting process, we create an ideal environment for microbes to flourish, and we add the specific microbes found in nature to quickly break organic matter down and then build it up into humus. This is Humified Compost. At Susitna Organics we go beyond ordinary compost. We use the Avanced Composting System to turn organic matter into high value fertilizer.

With Susitna Humified Compost Plants are:

• Better tasting
• Higher in anti-oxidants
• Higher in protein content
• Have longer shelf life
• Stronger at their roots
• Pest resistant
• Vividly colored

Improve Soil :

• Nutrient value (N-P-K & trace elements)
• Nitrogen fixing bacteria
• Humate value of humus for soils Increased yields
• 10-40% larger/heavier plants, nuts, fruits, flowers, kernels, & produce
• Reduced loss due to disease
• Reduced loss due to insects
• Plants use nutrients previously tied up or lost to weed pressure
• Improved germination rates
• Drought stress better withstood, better appearance, better sales improved storage or shelf life.

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