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Recommended by: Alaska Botanical Garden

I and the Alaska Botanical Garden found your compost to be a great benefit toward our progress in going all organic in our horticulture practices. The compost is far superior to any locally purchased top soil or bagged store-bought compost. I have found it to be free of weed seeds with a crumbly texture that the plants thrive in. We used it exclusively in our entry bed display, photos attached, that supported edible, medicinal, and herbal plants. The compost was also used to top dress beds in the Garden and also incorporated into soil when planting. The compost use resulted in lush and hardy plant growth throughout the Garden. We will be using it in the future in all our plantings. Thanks, Mark, for making this much needed wonderful compost available for all of the Anchorage area. Thanks again and see you in the spring.

Barbara Miller
Senior Horticulturist, Alaska Botanical Garden

Burna Watkins of Trapper Creek, AK uses Susitna Humified Compost in potting media. She has great success using 1/3 compost 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 perlite. Burna sells hanging baskets to a diverse clientele including the Denali Lodge.
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